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You are invited, on monday 15th june, at 9 p.m. at the Piccolo Spazio Interculturale on Via Caccia 5 in Casale Monferrato to participate to an interesting talk about this mass instrument.
Together we will see all the aspects of this new instrument that jump on our lifes.
How is the impact on different lifestyles, how is the difference between use and abuse, how many differents inner worlds are rapresented, sharing our experiences and our point of view for understand better what is happening in the virtual and how much this can represent the realities.
Talk will be in english, with Jarrod from Australia, expert sociologist and some other guest from the world for have the possibility to see facebook impact also in different cultures.
The evening is organized by Serydarth Association and facebook Casale Monferrato.

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We went for gymnastic at the Cittadella, but was cancelled. So we had to organize by ourselves…

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