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o       If you had to draw yourself, what would be in the background of the picture….

A dark sky with the will to turn bright blue..

o       If you were an animal / any element of the nature, wich one would you choose…

An ideal human being, guided by the elements..a free animal.

o       I am wearing my travel trousers because…

There is a world ready to be discovered.To collect ideas and find my way to be creative..And above all because there are so many ways of living our lifes.Travelling is the best way for me right now.

o       How long have you been in Italy/to Casale Monferrato?

Less than a week..

o       Describe your level of Italian that you speak/understand.

The zero lever..

o       Why did you come to Casale Monferrato?

Christian invated me through couchsurfing..i thought yeah lets go..

o       How did you hear about the Association Serydarth?

I heard it from you after I came

o       The house in Via Caccia is…

Lovely and warm (in the metaphorical way,bbrrr)

o       If it were your house, what would you change/decorate different?

I am here just for few days, I need more time before I have an answer in this question.not having any answer means that I like it the way it is.

o       What was the first thing that you did when you got up in the morning?

Eating breakfast then toilet, and then going arround see the lovely casale.

o       Did you organize something?  If yes, what and how was it?

Yes, I made a great cheescake for the Easter meal I had with jasmin..

o       What was your most impressive/interesting thing you did/saw in Casale Monferrato?

The serydarth project itself.

o       Casale Monferrato and its inhabitants are to me…

Casale is lovely and beautifull.i need more time with the inhabitants to talk about them.first impression mixed..

o       If you were a king of a city, how would the city look like? (the people, the place,…)

I would move the centre of the city away from the markets and stores..maby I would use the river as a meeting point for the people and visitiros.

o       My next destination is…


o       My wishes for Serydarth…

Growing,growin,growing.i hope that some day you grow so much that I will meet serydarth in Greece ..(very optimistic?)

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