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The best way to learn English is talking!

Everyone try to learn english, with lessons, grammatic, rules, but forgetting that is almost impossible to learn a language withouth talking and listening, in a real conversation.

From today until March 2011, Serydarth Association (www.serydarth.wordpress.com) offer the possibility to talk in english in private meeting, discussing about real things, and also learn about the grammatic, but in a easy and amusing way. Is also a good way to defeat the fear of speaking in real life and not only to the teacher.

English today is fundamental, and his knowledge give us the possibility to open to new horizons and possibility of growth and career.

There is also possibility to meet and talk with travellers from the world and learn the language and other cultures.

Let’s open ourself to the world!

The first “lesson” is for free. Everybody is welcome to try.
Then we suggest a donation of 200 Baht for every hour of conversation.

You can contact Cristhian:
www.facebook.com/cristhian.scorrano or serydarth@yahoo.it
or calling the 085.2032673

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