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https://i1.wp.com/atcasa.corriere.it/catalogo/immagini//prodotto_6140/s.jpgCiao a tutti, l’Associazione Serydarth cerca in reaglo alcune paia di lenzuola, coprimaterasso e coperte, singole e matrimoniale, per nuovo spazio dedicato all’ospitalità internazionale.
Potete contattare serydarth@yahoo.it 349.5250560 o il profilo facebook Serydarth.

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L’associazione Serydarth e’ alla ricerca di partecipanti per il seminario “Free your body, make dialog”, che si terra’ a Ruse, Slovenia dal 18 al 28 giugno.
Il tema sara’ l’utilizzo spontaneo del corpo nella danza, teatro e movimento, con un’esibizione finale in uno spazio pubblico.
Vitto, alloggio, e il 70% delle spese di viaggio sono gratuiti.
Attenzione, i posti a disposizione sono limitati!
Per informazioni e ricevere l’application form scrivere a: muffakiller@yahoo.it
Sotto la descrizione del progetto in inglese.
“Free your body, make dialog” is a training and networking for youth
workers, social activist, artists, interested youth and others from Austria, Germany,
Italy, England, Netherlands, Finland, and Slovenia. If you want to learn more about creative and artistic approaches and how you can use them for working with people, communities and for self-reflection and exploration. The focus will be more on different techniques that involve the body – like moving and dancing, theatre, circus and dance acrobatic, breathing  – but there will be time also for other artistic approaches. We will work on the integration of the body and mind of the individual and discover ways and techniques how our body makes dialog with the world and ourselves.
We want to learn, explore, share and teach how to use artistic mediums as a tool for social integration. How we can create a dialog true the body, discover our selves
deeper, how we can use the theatre for prevention of violence, for social and cultural action, how dance and theatre can be a part of civil-participation processes, raising environmental awareness in the global changes. And in the end, how to enjoy in art, relax, free ourselves from the daily routine and empower ourselves and others. A focus of  the discovery  will be also on personal reflection about our inner call, our mission statement and visions, wishes we have for ourselves and the society. We will deepen this topics through different dancing methods, like contact improvisation and dance, instant composition, different methods of theatre of the oppressed (specially the rainbow of desires) , physical theatre, and other theatre methods, the method of Hero’s journey stages, partner acrobatics and other circus medium, and similar work forms.
A part of the training will be based in sharing our experience and knowledge, special through the verbal method of World cafe, and the method of Open space, which will give change to all the participants to have spontaneous workshops that are somehow connected to the training (for instance: acro – yoga, massage workshop, permacultural gardening,…). Like this we will create the learning process together.
The production of the training will involve an interactive performance in a public space in the city.
And of course, there will be also time to  enjoy the trip in the beautiful nature, the waterfall and the virgin forest, camp  fires in the evening, Indian sweat lodge and spontaneous exchange.  As well as practical guidance from the  hosting organization about youth projects in Europe, the guidelines and ways of getting financial support from the European Commission.
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You can see the place in this link and the pictures:
The training will take place on Pohorje mountain in Mladinski dom Smolnik, Slovenia, involving the local community Ruše and partner countries from EU.
The training is organised by Klub prijateljev narave, which is a non formal school and youth centre for peace education located in Slovenian mountains. We organize different youth exchanges youth camps with social vulnerable people, adventure pedagogical camps for youngsters in social risks, seminars for social workers, and hosting long term volunteers and different artistic groups.
Travel get’s reimbursed 70 percent by the Slovenian hosting organization, after you send us the tickets and boarding passes. Also the training costs are covered.
Food and lodging is free during the days of the training course.

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