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Italian language School in Monferrato
Rosignano Monferrato (Piedmont) Italy

Study Holiday  1.0
July 22 to August 4

Italian is a “living” and dynamic and language. Among extraordinarily beautiful hills, this summer Study Holiday offers students high quality Italian language lessons, the chance to visit places and meet people and a variety of recreational activities: a total experience, from the beginning to the end!



Our school offers two-weeks Italian language courses to students between 17 and 24 years old. All the lessons are organised into two levels of competence (beginners and intermediate/advanced students) and are given by expert and qualified Italian teachers; in addition to our language study courses, we also offer extra-lessons on Italian language and culture specific topics.

All the courses are rather flexible, in order to adapt them to the students. At the beginning of the language lessons, all students, except absolute beginners, have to sit a test to be placed at the appropriate level, in a homogenous class. This is necessary to create the best learning environment!

Lessons, activities and material

ELEMENTARY                                                   INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED

All costs for teaching material are included.

Teaching method

Our  teaching method combines inductive activities (in direct contact with the tongue) and grammar contents: this combination lets students get a solid and deep learning. Depending on the groups level, during the courses will be introduced or enhanced specific aspects of Italian language and the main communicative skills (listening and understanding, speaking, reading and writing) will be developed in a gradual and balanced way. We offer a “communicative and active” approach and the lessons are always taught in Italian in order to get a complete immersion in the foreign language.

In a nutshell, during the lessons we offer this kinds of activities:

  • listening and viewing of video sequences to improve listening comprehension;
  • exercises in oral and written production;
  • reading to improve the comprehension of various written texts;
  • group activities;
  • basic and advanced grammar, with targeted exercises;
  • vocabulary exercices to know new words.

And not only: the school will enjoy a huge variety of experiences outside the classroom that let you have a direct contact with the spoken Italian language.


Our teachers are young and prepared: they have the perfect features to offer the most modern teaching methods and encourage interaction among the students. Led by their experience and their enthusiasm, you will reach the essence of Italian language and culture.


The course takes place in the “Istituto Luparia” (www.luparia.it),Rosignano
a state-of-the-art school surrounded by a marvellous landscape: hills until the eyes can see on the outside;
classrooms, kitchen, sport areas and residence on the inside.
This makes it all for the best of the Summer learning vacation!

Nature, but also city life: in just 10 minutes by bus you reach the city of Casale Monferrato,
rich in monumets, night venues and entertainment.


– Residence

The residence inside the school offers a relaxing and joyful environment: divided in two sides,
for males and females, it provides 2x and 4x beds rooms.
You will share the environment with your course mates creating an informal atmosphere where to communicate in Italian.

– Local architecture,

– modern furniture,

– services

– common areas

will help this place make you feel at home.


Entertainment also means “learning something new”. Short trips, sports, bike
different meeting moments will give you the chance to use and practise Italian language in everyday life. In addition to this, you’ll have the opportunity of meeting many people and discovering Italian culture, traditions and…food. Furthermore, during your free time and at the weekends, we’ll offer you a large number of leisure activities.
You can organize your free time choosing among the following opportunities:


  • football and volleyball;

  • swimming and rafting;

  • mountain-bike tours and horse-riding.

Tours and day-trips:


  • guided tour of Casale Monferrato (you’ll be the guides!);

  • “city tour” of the near Genova and Torino;

  • one day at the seaside in Liguria.

Site School: way Luparia 14, San Martino, 15030 Rosignano Monferrato, AL (italy)



Ass. Serydarth:  way Caccia 5 15033 Casale Monferrato
Mail:   italianoinmonferrato@libero.it
Skype: ItalianoMonferrato (by appointment)


Association Serydarth – hospitality and intercultural

S. Musso – project manager;
S. Demartini – responsible for teaching;
A. Pagliano – amministration and community. 


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