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Come join us for a brief introduction to some exotic and unusual plants that exist in this wild world on wednsday 4th of November, at the Piccolo Spazio Interculturale of Via Caccia 5 in Casale Monferrato (AL). Discussion about various carnivorous plants as well as plants from the family Bromeliacea (including air plants!) This lecture will also incorporate how utilize air plants to fine create small space gardens, collaborating with sculpture elements to explore using the plants in an interesting way. The goal is to attract attention, and open the public’s eyes to these unconventional specimens. Learn something new about the amazing plant kingdom!

Alexandra De Natale is a Horticulturalist traveling around the world collecting information for an independent garden project. Her trip is motivated by interests in promoting environmental sustainability with hopes of viewing, and participating in, how the global community is implementing systems regarding agriculture, urban farming and community gardens, water conservation, and renewable energy.

If interested, her blog www.urbanwoodnymph.blogspot.com will give you a glimpse at the adventure thus far.   The lecture will be in english   Info: 349.5250560

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A spasso per pulire Casale Monferrato.
Insieme a Rory del Colorado ed altri volontari del Piccolo Spazio Interculturale.
Ritrovo alle ore 21 ai piedi del Cavallo di Piazza Mazzini.
VENERDI’ 19 giungo
Portate scope, palette, stracci, lavavetri, ecc…

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