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Come to us and Play with Gar(b)age!

Serydarth Association host volunteers in the Little Intercultural Space in Casale Monferrato (Italy), for a week each one, to play in a projects based on garbage.

You love garbage? You like to find things in the streets? You like to create art?

We started an free-project based on thrash, that we collect in a garage and then we use it in several ways. Playing, creating art, forniture, making video, having fun.

If you feel, you can come and stay with us for a week and have fun too. Here, you will live in the Intercultural Space, based in the historic city center in a multicultural street, is a place where different cultures, together with the local, can meet and share. The organization, Serydarth, work withouth having predetermined projects or expectations about results, focusing instead, on living enjoying any moment as they are.

So you will help about the management of the house (with cleaning) and new guests, and you will have possibility to meet local culture from inside, and enjoy the garbage of the city.

The volunteers will get food and accomodation for free.

Please write to serydarth@yahoo.it or call +39.349.5250560 for any informations or for send your interest request with details about you.

We still have place available, and we host until 31st, July.

You can find more informations about the organization, the place and pictures, on the website www.serydarth.wordpress.com and www.facebook.com/serydarth

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