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Serydarth Association is looking for a medium term volunteer to coordinate the Little Intercultural Space in Casale Monferrato (Italy),
from 1st, March, until 31st, July, 2012.

The Intercultural Space, based in the historic city center in a multicultural street, is a place where different cultures, together with the local, can meet and share. Is also a place for organizing small cultural events, and that give hospitality to travellers for free. Sharing Interculture in the sense of mutual understanding is the main aim of the organization, that work withouth having predetermined projects or expectations about results, focusing instead, on living enjoying any moment as they are.

The volunteer interested should have:

  • Good level of speaking and understanding english;
  • Openness for different cultures and behaviours;
  • Good competence in coodination and management;
  • Attitude of cleanliness and tidiness;
  • Ability to live in a simple way withouthing wasting too many resources;
  • Spontaneous abundance of smiles.
  • There is no age limit, as the organization has contacts with any kind of person.

The work is based on:

  • Welcoming guests;
  • Coordination of volunteers;
  • Support in organization of small events.

There is possibility, for the coordinator, to decide how things should be organized in the Intercultural Space, basing this on his/her desirer and needs, changing also the present structure. The experience will be an important opportunity of growth, for the coordinator also that can have possibility to improve his/her skills and competences, focusing in and/or creating different tasks.
The work is the opposite of hard, and there are always opportunity to enjoy moments and meet different people.

The organization is starting also a new artistic project based on garbage, creating and playing with trash, that take place in a place close to the organization, and the coordinator, if like, can be involved on this too. The organization doesn’t receive almost any institutional financial support, and so use a lot of creativity for having what need withouth use of money.

The coordinator will be provided of food and accomodation and a lot of joyful days.

Please write to serydarth@yahoo.it or call +39.349.5250560 for any informations or for send your interest request with details about you. Unfortunately, we can choose only one person!

You can find more informations about the organization, the place and pictures, on the website http://www.serydarth.wordpress.comand http://www.facebook.com/serydarth

Don’t hesitate! (if you feel)

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