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Serydarth Association, based in Casale Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy, offer new opportunities for volunteers, and free accomodation to travellers for 2011.
You will be hosted in the LITTLE INTERCULTURAL SPACE.
Is a place where different cultures, local and foreigners can meet and different events can be organized.

You can come as guest, or as a volunteer.
Volunteers can come for a Long Term (2 months minimum) or for a Short Term (2 weeks).

The volunteer will be the host of the place, so he will: enjoy, take care of the house, of the guest, and of the people that pass, helping the organization of events, and interacting the local community, basing his job on Karma Yoga, that mean worrying about giving, instead of receiving.

We need volunteers that can share their knowledge offering: massages, meditation or healing sessions, workshops or just interested in spirituality and heart
A part this, there is nothing planned before, so the volunteer will create the space and the situations right for him, according with his vision of the reality.

We believe that each one that pass from here, teach and learn something, in a sharing process as it is Interculture. We also host travellers that stay here for short time, a couple of days, for free.

Write to us a e-mail and we will send you more details. You can write to serydarth@yahoo.it

For being volunteer we need that you write a mail with motivation.

You can check our websites: www.serydarth.wordpress.com, www.casaleattiva.wordpress.com and become our friend in facebook: www.facebook.com/serydarth if you want to see pictures. Also we are in Couchsurfing: www.couchsurfing.org/people/serydarth/

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